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Plant Area

At KMP we have divided the facility area into four sections. In the first section area of 125,000 sq. ft. is organized for the metal components/parts production. In the second section area of 25,000 sq. ft. is organized for the plastic molding parts. In the third section area of 25,000 sq. ft. is organized for injection rubber parts. In the fourth section area of the remaining 25,000 sq. ft. is organized for the packing and dispatching orders.

Corporate Corresponding Team

We have 12 dedicated people staff in our office to provide world-class service and timely responses to the clients. We have expert engineers who are working in sales and having a minimum of 5-7 years of experience in our manufacturing field.They have best understanding with the client's current scenario and the problem they are trying to solve. Because working in B2B manufacturing industry where salespeople must have experience in the manufacturing field is very essential. That creates smooth process and easy communication with client.

Manufacturing Facility

At KMP we have invested to develop high-tech infrastructure for production and quality assurance. To be sure about the quality we are controlling almost every process under one roof. From raw material melting to finish goods stock and dispatching we've developed efficient processes and QMS to decrease the lead time and increase quality assurance.

1. CNC machines - 10 nos.

2. Cam-based auto lathe 8mm - 78 nos.

3. Cam-based auto lathe 16mm - 56 nos.

4. Cam-based auto lathe 22mm - 39 nos.

5. Cam-based secondary operation machines - 97 nos.

6. Cam-based auto feeding stamping press 2 ton - 26 nos.

7. Cam-based auto feeding stamping press 5 ton - 15 nos.

8. Cam-based auto feeding stamping press 10 ton - 2 nos.

9. Tornos sliding head - 4 nos.

10. Cam-based one-piece machining auto lathe - 18 nos.

11. Rotary table machine for secondary operation - 2 nos.

12. VMC - 2 nos.

13. TMC - 1 nos.

14. Plastic injection molding machine from 150-gram cavity to 500-gram cavity (Haitian-Taiwan) - 10 nos.

15. Rubber injection molding machine (Desma-Germany) - 1 nos.

16. Vertical rubber injection molding machine - 12 nos.

17. Rubber raw material processing machine (500 KG batch) - 1 nos.

18. Vertical rotary rubber molding machine (Zheng-Taiwan) - 1 nos.

19. Electric foundry (1500 KG batch) - 1 nos.

20. Extrusion press (500 ton) - 1 nos. 

Quality Management System

1. CAD, CAM, and CAE-based product development and CMM inspection of prototypes.

2. Vernier caliper (Mitutoyo-Japan) - 37 nos.

3. Micrometer (Mitutoyo-Japan) - 12 nos.

4. Thread-ring & plug gauges (All sizes) - 750+ nos.

5. Profile measuring machine - 1 nos.

6. Microscope - 4 nos.

7. CMM - 1 nos.

8. Surface roughness measuring machine (Mitutoyo-Japan) - 1 nos.

9. Optical dimension inspection machine - 2 nos.

10. Hardness testing machine - 1 nos.

11. Ductility testing machine - 1 nos.

12. Chemical composition spectro machine (Spark-Germany) - 1 nos.

Tool room & Specialized Machine Development


1. EDM - 1 nos.

2. Wirecut (Fanuc) - 1 nos.

3. Shaping machine - 2 nos.

4. Lathe machine - 2 nos.

5. Laser cutting machine - 1 nos.

6. Spark machine - 1 nos.

7. Surface grinder - 1 nos.

Safety Policy

Aims to remove or reduce the risks to the health. Safety and welfare of all workers, contractors, visitors, or who so ever that affect by our business operations. Aims to ensure all work activities are running safely.


Our responsibilities:
1. A clean working environment. 
2. A safe system of work.
3. Plant and substances in a safe condition.
4. Facilities for the welfare of all workers.
5. Safety information, instructions, training, and supervision.

Location Benefits

KMP located at a very strategic location. India's largest port - Nhava Sheva port & Mundra port are located only 600 kilometers far from the factory. KMP also nearby 400-600 kilometers of India's first largest Mumbai Airport & second largest Ahmadabad Airport. As an advantage - availability of skilled & experienced human resource due world's largest petroleum refinery is located in the same city. Raw material & finish goods transit time and transportation cost less due to nearby ports & airports.

Manpower Training Programs

The core of our consistent quality in a product. We have developed programs to train hired people for our quality criteria. Before putting hired people into a real-time process we give them training for 3 days which includes repeated practices, visit a real-time process to make sure they learn and master their given operation. We have separate human resources for individual operations in the factory. Reapitability in work gives them more confidence and increases the quality of production.

Storage / Warehousing

We have storage in 25,000 sq. ft. where we handle all the inventory and order dispatching by computer scanning. Computer scanning provides us a real-time stock of components/parts so we can give more accurate & confident lead time to the client.



For air shipment, we have FedEx, DHL, and UPS as our air logistic partners. For sea shipment, we have our own office located in Mumbai. We have experienced logistic agents and partners to make sure your shipment arrives smoothly on time without any damage.

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