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It is not the company who make it happen,
it is the people who work for the company make it happen.

We truly believes that human asset are the core behind the growth of any company. Our team help us to be efficient in operation and keeping us ahead in competitive market. Trained and well experienced staff makes us effective in communication and reliable for customer. 


  • KMP is located in Jamnagar City. It is the city where the world's largest crude oil refinery "Reliance Industry" has been located. Due to this all the technological resources and skilled human resources are easily available within the city.

  • When a person join the company, on their first day they have been given overview of the process by our factory technician. 

  • Next day our factory technician gives them training about each process of the parts and giving them knowledge about careful point or checklist. That person is trained for a week.

  • During the period of training HR observe the improvements of that specific person and notify them everyday. What's need to be changed and what's need to be improved. 

  • If they pass all the objectives according to our criteria then we hire them full time for the job.

By doing above methods quality of products stay consistent. Repeated operation everyday by a person makes them expert into that specific task. In result quality stay consistent and cost of production goes down. Repetition single task by multiple times gives them speed in production and ability to justify quality.

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