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male-pcb-pins, brass pin
bress pin

Our facilities have more than 170 auto lathe turning machines and 10 CNC machines including tornos and escomatic. Which is operational in production of the electric & electronics components, watch stem & screw, dental components, automotive components


We are experienced in machining complex parts with a diameter from 0.5 mm to 12 mm. We can provide components according to the customer's needs and technical drawings.

We are flexible to work on small and larger quantities. We are committed to producing every single part within your specification regardless of quantities.

We have experience in machining with the following materials: brass, bronze, nickel silver, cooper-beryllium, aluminum, free-cutting steel as well as stainless steel alloys.

Following items we have manufactured in sliding head components:

Electrical Contact Pin, Electrical Terminal Blocks, Industrial Connector Pins, Hose Fittings, Long Length Fasteners, Watch Stem, Dental Implant Screw.

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