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Quality & Customer Service are the most underrated factor by the most manufacturing industries. Quality in service and products - where our clients rely on us and gets value in return for their investment with us.

At KMP we have developed our own quality inspection methods to guarantee a 99.99% result in quality. From the raw material selection & melting to finished components/parts packing and warehousing, we have certain 7-12 criteria for quality inspection. Numbers of criteria are subject to product complexity.



Quality criteria are as follows:

1. Proper scrap/hair wire/99.99% copper/99.99%zinc selection according to the required chemical composition request by the client.

2. While melting we do chemical composition spectro analysis of melted material to make sure composition are as standard.

3. Extruded rods hardness & ductility inspection, dimension inspection, and surface roughness visual inspection to make sure no dents          or stretches on the surface.

4. During machining we have real-time inspection methods to make sure component machining is within the limit of tolerances.

5. While machines we also inspect the surface visual inspection to make sure it is dent-free.

6. Each batch of machined components is being inspected with various instruments to make sure components made according to the              drawing standard.

7. Each batch goes for the washing and cleaning process. After the cleaning process, we check to make sure the component has been            cleaned properly.

8. Final quality inspector measures the batches and processes them for packing.

9. Warehousing supervisor compares the received packed items with packing instructions that given by us or the client. If it matches the          instructions then it goes to the warehouse for stocks.

List of equipment for the quality inspection:

1. Mitutoyo vernier caliper.

2. Mitutoyo micrometer.

3. Profile projector.

4. Spectro.

5. Mitutoyo surface roughness tester.

6. Microscope for visual surface inspection.

7. Thread ring and plug gauges.

8. Pin and bore gauges.

9. Radius and chamfer gauges.

10. Hardness and ductility measuring machine.

11. Vision inspection system.

12. CMM.

For new product development, we have CAD, CAM, and CAE software to make sure parts or assembled products will be produced properly in manufacturing and work according to certain criteria. With CAE software we design the tools for complex machining and simulate it to decrease the cycle time of machining and cost. It also helps to increase our confidence in the quality of items.

For assembly product development we use CAD and CAM software to design assembly part drawings and inspect the assembly. We have 3D printing machine to build prototypes of parts and inspection of assembly.

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